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By B. R. Myers

Enlarged from an Atlantic article, Myer's e-book is an assault on pretentious, poorly written "literary" fiction.

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Brian Reynolds "B.R." Myers (born 1963) is an American affiliate professor of foreign reviews at Dongseo collage in Busan, South Korea, most sensible identified for his works relating to North Korean historical past. Myers is a contributing editor for The Atlantic, and an opinion columnist for the hot York instances and Wall highway magazine. he's the writer of Han Sorya and North Korean Literature, released by means of Cornell in 1994, A Reader's Manifesto, released via Melville residence in 2002, and The Cleanest Race, released by means of Melville condominium, in 2010.

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He can bore them all he wants. 43 MUSCULAR PROSE The masculine counterpart to the ladies‘ prose poetry is a. bold. Melvillean stiltedness. " The acknowledged leader of this school is Cormac McCarthy. though it must be said that he once wrote in a very different-style. The Orchard Keeper (1965). his debut novel. is a minor masterpiece of careful and restrained writing. An excerpt from the first page: Far down the blazing strip ofconcrete a small shapeless mass had emerged and was struggling toward him.

Note also how the exchange loses its logic halfway through; perhaps it was only written to be skimmed anyway. It's always the very novelists who scorn realism as the slavish recording 34 of reality who believe incoherent writing. that an incoherent world dictates But why should we bother with Consumerland fiction at all. if the effect of reading it is the same queasy fatigue we can get from an evening of channel-surfing? Do we need DeLillo for insight that rarely rises above the level of "some people put on a uniform and feel bigger"?

One often peddled by novelist-critics. and for obvious reasons. " says Martin Amis. "93 And this is the same cultural elite that sees itself in the avant-garde tradition of irreverence. of taking nothing for granted! Imagine how Andre Breton would have reacted to this Newsweek report about a public reading of The Body Artist (2001): Jonathan Franzen came out to introduce Don DeLillo. the author of perfect sentences. paragraphs that equal poems. l-lad DeLillo heard such cheering’. . DeLillo picked up from chapter two: “How completely xlrunge il suddenly seemed lhul major corporuliuns musspraduced breadcrumbs und packaged and sold them ever;/uvlxere in lhe world and size looked at lhe breadcrumbs cur- 42 Ion /or the firs!

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