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The cytoplasmic sequence of Pois highly positively charged. The intracytoplasmic membrane surfaces could be compacted through electrostatic interactions of the positive charges of the Po cytoplasmic tail with the negative charges of the head groups of acidic lipids of the opposing membrane surface. E. , 1980). The external portion of the p-IgR is released during the process and is known as the secretory component (SC). The SC molecule has five V homology units (Fig. , 1984). Comparison of the individual units indicates that they are each more closely related to each other than to other IgGSF members.

This might indicate that structural variation is sometimes less important in the effects it can have on the interaction between an allele and antigen or TcR per se, than in how concomitant variation in its specificities complement or fail to complement the collective specificities of the allelic population. Thus, the lack of frequent MHC alleles implies that there is no “best” collection of MHC genes and that selection for variation occurs in the context of a population and particular lifestyle (Streilen and Duncan, 1983).

1985). Cheetahs are much more susceptible to viral epizootics than are other big cats. , 1987) that, because of founder effects, have essentially eliminated diversity of the MHC locus within the species. The mechanisms responsible for assuring MHC variation are not special to the MHC. Rather, they are inherent consequences of the organization of the multigene families encoding the MHC. , 1986). However, Ig V gene segments do not appear THE IMMUNOGLOBULIN GENE SUPERFAMILY 29 to undergo homologous crossing over as frequently as do MHC genes.

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