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By Ladislas Segy

163 full-page plates Illustrating mask, fertility figures, ceremonial gadgets, etc., of fifty West and primary African tribes—95% by no means earlier than illustrated. 34-page creation to African sculpture.
«Mr. Segy is one among its best authorities,» New Yorker.
164 full-page photographic plates.

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But when European man came to Africa with gun and religion and trade goods, and conquered the area which produced the best African art, the ancestral destroyed or neglected. A new tries, conscription, taxation, ways were largely monetary system, new indusforced migration, new ideas, 32 introduction — all contributed their "modernism", Western amusements share to undermining the traditional culture of Africa. The carvings which were produced after this cultural conquest reflect such changes. They no longer have the homogenity of style and workmanship which characterized the old work.

Traders could carry new ideas through the forests of West Africa, and a conquering tribe, assimilating its newly subject population, might find artistic ideas worth copying. Yet even though there is such a tribal style for each people, no two pieces of art work are like. Within the strong was also room for the from the personality or talent of the carver as individual artist. Such individual variations are extremely important from the collector's point of view, for discipline of distinct tribal styles there k variation which emerged the collector is Each usually primarily interested in artistic quality.

But when actual European penetration undermined the ideological background for carving, the artwork degenerated. This, however, is from lack of impetus, not from contamination with European materials. introduction 3 This of the more common "distortions" of the summary discussion human body in Afri- can art should indicate that every detail had a meaning for is not the only role which detail plays the sculptor. But this in African sculpture: detail tion which is the work is also part of a plastic construc- of art itself.

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