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By Robert J. Schwalb

You don’t imagine Hell is actual? That it can’t exist? That such an outdated, antiquated idea born of superstition and worry has no position within the 9th international? then you definately are a idiot. Hell is actual. It exists. And I’ve been there. Don’t think me? Come. i'm going to convey you the gates.

A grotesque portal lies now not some distance into the desert. occasionally, those that have occurred upon it swear they heard moaning, crying, and extra scary noises. Locals think it results in Hell itself—after all, what else may perhaps or not it's? these solid into it—criminals, murderers, and different villains—have by no means been noticeable again.

What will the desktops realize once they locate themselves at the portal’s different side?

Beyond All Worlds is a 22-page experience for denizens of the 9th global, ideally of second-tier or better.

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THE LORE OF FAZZILIBN KARDUN Controlled Frenzy (Ex): Through the constant and rigorous exorcising of his inner demons, the monk who follows the ways of the Fist of Fury learns how to channel all his negative energy into a controlled fit of rage. Beginning at 2nd level, he gains the ability to enter a frenzied-like state, thus improving his combat capabilities. A Fist of Furry monk can fly into a fit of restrained frenzy a certain number of times per day. In a frenzy, a monk temporarily gains a +2 bonus to Strength, a +2 morale bonus on will saves, and one temporary hit point for every monk level he has.

Greater Damage Reduction [Fighter] YOU are able to shrug off more damage easily. Prerequisites: Con 17, Damage Reduction, Diehard, Improved Damage Reduction, fighter level 12th. Benefit: Your damage reduction against weapons and natural attacks is now 3/-. Special: In addition to the normal feat slot, a fighter must spend 250 XP and 2 weeks in meditation in order to learn this feat. A fighter who spends 500 XP and 4 weeks in meditation may forgo the fighter level prerequisite. A fighter who spends 1,000XP and 4 weeks in meditaetion may forgo the Constitution score prerequisite.

Spells and magic items, such as shatter, reduce the hardness by 1 until the monk has had time to rest. At 7th, 12th~and 16th level, the Hardness of the monk‘s stone-like flesh improves by 1,as shown onTable 1-8:The Jaded Stone School Monk. Toughness (Ex):Also at second level, the Jaded Stone monks gains Toughness as a bonus feat. He gains this feat again at 6th level and every four levels thereafter (loth, 14th, and 18th level). Fast Movement (Ex): A monk who studies the ways of the Jaded Stone is not as fast as monks from most other orders, but he still gains an enhancement bonus to his speed as shown on Table 1-8: The Jaded Stone School Monk.

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