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In past the Spirit of Empire, the authors study the worldwide empire not just in its political and monetary dimensions, but in addition in its symbolic structures of energy and in its normal assumptions frequently taken without any consideration. How does empire mold human subjectivity, for example, and the way does it impact the knowledge of people in the entire of construction? What are the spiritual dimensions of empire, its claims to divine attributes like omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, eternity, and what approximately its alleged exclusiveness and pervasiveness that destroys human lifestyles and freedom, which turns politics right into a banal subject? The authors suggest to appear past empire to the potential of politics and freedom, to the restoration of the suggestion of individuals, to the significance of ongoing obstacle for the oppressed and excluded, and to a messianic religion that enables us to stay in anticipation, even though ambiguously, of the promise of latest instances to come back.

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It must recognize the ‘laocratic’ claim as a time of gratuity, of the paradox that the absolute is claimed from the materiality of life. 31 Indeed, the Empire ‘de-eschatologizes’ politics because it ignores the absolute 20 empire, religion, and the political that comes to it from outside itself in order that it be able to realize it in itself. But the human being never can represent the absolute and can never achieve it. When we attempt to achieve it we become authoritarian, totalitarian, and eventually monstrous, as the Book of Revelation depicts it.

Demos also has some disparaging uses, but in Athens it acquired a new meaning by referring to free men with property. It implies certain rights of citizens: for example, participation in the assemblies and a certain level of influence within 23 beyond the spirit of empire the government. With time it came to indicate a people, a determined group of persons with common characteristics. In addition, in some Greek cities and then in those cities throughout the Roman Empire that spoke Greek, the word demos was used to refer to the town assembly.

The classic notion of commodity fetishism – when related to Freud’s notion of the fetish as surrogate object of desire – further illuminates what is at stake. As we have seen, in capitalism the value of material objects is not based on their inherent nature but on social relations.  .  . 29 Even critics of Empire and capitalism often ­overlook this fundamental insight, namely that human relationships are more and more shaped by the relationships between commodities. This over­ sight resembles the logic of certain forms of religion, idealistic forms of Christianity no doubt among them, where ‘the productions of the human brain appear as independent beings endowed with life, and entering [sic] into relation both with one another and the human race’.

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