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By John R. J. Sorenson (auth.), John R. J. Sorenson (eds.)

In 1928, it used to be found that copper used to be crucial for regular human metabolism. Ten years later, 1938, it was once saw that sufferers with rheumatoid arthritis had the next than common serum copper focus, which again to basic wi th remission of this affliction. 13 years later, it used to be came upon that copper complexes have been potent in treating arthritic illnesses. the 1st file that copper complexes had antiinflammatory job in an animal version of in­ flammation seemed twenty-two years after the invention of essen­ tiality. In 1976, it was once prompt that the energetic kinds of the anti­ arthritic medications are their copper complexes shaped in vivo. This advice was once proven and prolonged in the mean time with over one thousand contemporary courses, and lots of of those have been addressed within the continue­ ings of our first symposium, released in 1982. the current symposium used to be equipped to offer new basic physiological, dietary, and biochemical points of crucial steel­ loelement metabolism in addition to adaptations in metabolism linked to affliction states. moreover new info relating antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, antiulcer, anticancer, anticarcinogenic, analgesic, and radioprotectant actions of copper complexes have been offered. those actions are in step with the concept that they characterize the facilitation of standard copper-dependent metabolic approaches in dis­ ease states. The shows and interactive discussions that fol­ lowed are contained in those lawsuits. John R. J. Sorenson commitment those lawsuits are devoted to those that made this actually memorable medical and social Arkansas event possible.

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Biology of Copper Complexes

In 1928, it was once chanced on that copper used to be crucial for regular human metabolism. Ten years later, 1938, it used to be saw that sufferers with rheumatoid arthritis had a better than common serum copper focus, which back to general wi th remission of this sickness. 13 years later, it was once came across that copper complexes have been potent in treating arthritic ailments.

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When we treat our normal rats with steroids, Zn is decreased and Cu is less affected. So we think chronic disease patients given steroids, or nonsteroidal antiarthritic drugs for long periods, should be studied to determine what effect these drugs have on trace element metabolism. It's probably also important to know what influence these drugs have on trace element levels in normal animals. SORENSON: The low level of Cu in your chronic patients may be evidence of Cu inadequacy in these patients.

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An adequate supply of dietary copper exerts a permissive effect on the stimulation of ceruloplasmin oxidase activity by retinoic acid. 03 ~g/ml. Ceruloplasmin pPD oxidase activity was virtually undetectable (ca. 12 ~mole • min- 1 • L- 1). Retinoic acid administration did not increase activity, in the copper Cousins and Barber 20 Table 1 Effect of Vitamin A Deficiency and Repletion on Synthesis and Serum Levels of Ceruloplasmin Retinoic Acid Da~s 1 of Re12letion 3 5 3H- LeUClne . I ncorporatlon .

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