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Black lists, "gray" rape, whitewashing! Plus: Cyborgs!

Letter from the HQ

Letters & Comments

Love It/Shove It

The whinge List

||| On Screen—After Tiller explores front traces of late-term abortion providers

||| On Activism—The historical past of anti-abuse activism in BDSM

||| at the Shelves—The new, gendered global of adult-incontinence products

::: guffawing It Off—What occurs while girls inform rape jokes?

::: Helen Thomas, Off the Record—A few reviews from the 1st woman of the click

::: grey Matters—How rape in popular culture turned an issue of opinion

::: Roy G. Biz—The many colours of company co-option

::: Commodity Brokers—The candy and lowdown at the phenomenon of sugar dating

\\\ What larger Gift—Alice Walker's legacy keeps to bloom

\\\ again in Black—Can Hollywood's new Black record swap the industry?

\\\ Mobilizing the Bass—Women in worldwide bass are growing new areas within the dance floor
The again Page

Adventures in Feministory Comics: Donna Haraway through Kinoko

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So there was a real discrimination. Women still don’t have equality. They make about 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. Although many women have risen to the top of companies and so forth, it’s still not the same. After the war ended, did the men get their jobs back? [Companies] thought they would. Eight women were fired at our company on the assumption that the men would come back and want their jobs back. I. Joes and they wound up as captains, colonels, majors, and everything and they certainly did not want a $20-a-week job.

This isn’t to say that women cannot tell rape jokes that contribute to rape culture by reinforcing the myths the culture is built on—they can, and do. Such jokes, however, don’t just work in a single way. When a woman tells a rape joke—even a “bad” one—it can also be an expression of power, control, and therapy (however fraught with contradiction), and a nebulous offer to women in the audience to momentarily relieve themselves from the burden of rape culture. At the end of all my interviews for this article I asked each comic if they had a favorite rape joke.

She hated us. Did your Arab background ever come up in those early days? I don’t think that had anything to do with it, really. Everybody came from their own different ethnic background—at that time, anyway. Just being a woman was bad enough. Did it come up later in your career? Well, since I was fired, yes. ” And he agreed; he knew damn well that it was wrong. we couldn’t go to the Press Club. So we started really putting our foot down, picketing, doing everything, and we forced the Press Club to have 30 women reporters attend the Khrushchev luncheon.

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