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By Igor Novikov, Vitaly Kisin

Igor Novikov has been hailed as "Russia's resolution to Stephen Hawking." during this well known account of the cosmic significance of black holes, he explores the homes and importance of those mysterious phenomena, which symbolize the main condensed kingdom of topic within the Universe. Black holes are shaped by way of the strength of gravity, warping house and time, crushing stars and maybe galaxies, too, until eventually they fall in on themselves. Novikov's attention-grabbing account illuminates this so much enigmatic characteristic of our Universe with exemplary readability, illustrated with a chain of encouraged caricature drawings.

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1 FURTHER ANALYSIS OF THE ENHANCEMENT FACTOR It was remarked in the previous section that local proton sources might be detectable. , 1992 c) make the case for this on a statistical basis. , 1992 d), have examined the longitude dependence of fE and concluded that fE is somewhat greater in the general direction of the Galactic Anti -centre, viz, towards the local spiral arm (the solar system is on the inside edge of this arm). Such a result is as would be expected in the light of the previous discussion, assuming, that is, that protons are common in the primary beam.

The maximum proton energies for this case are lower, and this is because of interactions with IR photons during acceleration. Note that our predictions shown in Figure 4 have not been normalized in any way to the cosmic ray data and are determined solely by the accretion/shock acceleration model used and by the observed X-ray luminosity function of AGN. We find it quite remarkable that the predicted contribution from AGN to the cosmic ray spectrum is of the same order of magnitude as the observed intensity in the region of the knee and higher energies.

Their low abundance has been puzzling.

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