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Do you know so that you can construct a sun PANEL for less than $50? we'll express you, step by step (using simple directions/diagrams, & uncomplicated tools/parts) tips on how to construct such units. -Save funds & the surroundings- *Unlike different guides, this CD has details invaluable to EVERYONE.
`_-**We provide you with numerous assorted Plans/Diagrams (not only one) to construct several types of units all in a position to capturing/storing/utilizing sunlight ENERGY**-_`
--Here is What You Get:
*Instructions & Plans for construction your individual sunlight Panels, Cells, & Arrays*
*Screen Printing equipment & sunlight phone Soldering Methods*
*Making/Preparing numerous sun Cells: Copper Chlorine; Conductive Nickel Paint; Nano-Crystalline/Glass/Amorphous varieties; Cadmium Sulfide; Selenium derived/based; damaged sunlight Cells; Cuprous Oxide; Titanium Dioxide*
*High-Voltage/Mid-Range/Micro solar power turbines construction*
*Flat-Panel sunlight Thermal Collector & moveable solar power procedure construction*
*Mounting/Orientation/Placement of Panels/Arrays/Systems & Roof Assembly/integration*
*build: Flat, multi-facet, & Parabolic sun Concentrators*
_`**A number of a hundred+ well-known Patents containing ideas/inventions proper to sun Energy**`_
_`**Detailed instructions/designs for solar power approach Components:
*invertors, wiring/wire sizing, Batteries, Fuses, three part alternators, & the solar power cost Controller*
*building an everlasting Magnetic Generator*
_`**lists of Tax advantages & strength Subsidies given through Federal/Local/State governments; basic guidance for development Codes, allows, & different felony issues**`_
*selecting/testing/maintaining/optimizing/enhancing your solar power System*
*going off-grid &/or staying on-grid & promoting your energy again to application companies*
_`**individual designated solar power MAPS for every US State**`_
*PLUS a lot More!*
`_*Please be aware: This CD has a suite of eBooks in pdf dossier layout that's viewable from almost any desktop with a CD/DVD force

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Without this insulation, the panel will short out. If you use a non-conductive backing such as Formica or plastic, you don't need the screening. Spread a thin layer of silicone caulk on the aluminum backing with a brush, and place the screen on it, pressing it firmly and evenly in place. The screen should not extend under the side bars. Let it dry 24 hours before placing the cells on the panel backing. Place the cells on the panel Next, put the cells in the prepared bed and position them on your panel.

The screws must be at least long enough to pass through the Plexiglas, bar stock and aluminum sheet stock. Using longer screws can be useful for mounting the panel later. 54 Drill two additional holes in the center top of the aluminum sheet backing (but clear of the bar stock allowance – see diagram at left). These are for the positive and negative takeoff bus ribbons that go through the panel to the terminal box on the back. The holes should be close enough for the two takeoffs (bus ribbon connectors) to come out on the back of the panel, inside the junction box.

Then, coat the areas of the tab or bus that will later connect. You do this by rubbing the iron tip with the solder on it along the length of the tab ribbon you wish to coat. Try to get a smooth layer with no bumps. Do not tin the tab where it will be crimped. Preparing and connecting solar cells Flux When attaching any tab ribbon to a cell, or tab ribbon to bus ribbon, always use flux. This cleans and prepares the surfaces to be bonded and will allow the solder joint to form. If you do not use flux, many of your joints will not form and adhere.

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