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Desk 19. neighborhood structural results of endocrine ailments Endocrine indicators and indicators are hardly particular. This truth renders the artwork of spotting an endocrine constitution affected function affliction in a sufferer extra frequently considered one of suspecting instead of 'diagnosing' it. in contrast to such a lot different physique Hypothalamus complications Pituitary complications, visible disorder 'systems' the very nature of the endocrine method Thyroid strain indicators, dysphagia, guarantees that the results of disordered functionality in a goitre gland have an effect on the physique as a complete and reason diffuse Gonads Testicular lumps, ovarian plenty indicators and indicators.

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The possibihty of producing a temporary sterility in woman b y the injection of human semen is being investi­ gated. Animal experiments on the prevention of conception, through spermatoxins are promising ; but the experiments on women reported up to the present appear to be incon­ clusive, chiefly because of the short period of observation and lack of controls. An investigation of the experimental work on the control of conception by means of spermatoxins, carried out at the Prophylactic 32 CLINICAL CONTRACEPTION (Birth Control) Clinic of the Regional Scientific Institute for the Protection of Motherhood, in Moscow, made in September, 1933, is reported in the Journal of Contraception, December, 1935.

Chloral hydrate. Resorcinol. Grade — i. C. 2 per cent. :— Pyrogallol. Potassium capronate. Orthophenylene diamine. Ungraded. These fail to immobilise at 2 per cent. :— Ammonium chloride. Zinc sulphocarbolate. Potassium butyrate. Sodium citrate. Hexamine. Sodium tartrate. Magnesium sulphate. Borax. Ethyl alcohol. Metaphenylene diamine. Glycerol. Sodium dichlorylsulphaminobenzoate. Standard Test of Pure Substances with Cavy Sperms in Albumen Saline ^ Note,—Baker states that c a v y sperms suspended in albumen-saline behave almost exactly like human sperms in human semen.

Per cent. :— HexyIresorcinol. Grade — i. C. 2 per cent. :— Grade 3. C. i per cent. :— Potassium borotartrate. Mercuric chloride. Normal propylresorcinol. Ungraded. These fail to immobilise Orthovanillin. :— Grade i. C. :— Sodium sulphite. Sodium oléate. Borax. Chinosol. 1 " Chemical Control of Conception,' by John R. Phil. (Chapman and Hall, 1935). —The spermicidal power of acids depends upon pU—the extent to which they ionise ; the anion appears to be much less important. Baker found that Below pH 5-0—aU sperms were immobilised.

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