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By William P. Lazarus

Understand the ideals, customs, and rituals of every faith

The enjoyable and straightforward technique to understand the typical components of those frequent religions

Want to grasp extra concerning the faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? This plain-English advisor strains their evolution from their commonorigin - Abraham - and explains their diverse, but associated, beliefs.You'll see how every one faith built, persevered setbacks, and have become a fixture in sleek society - and you may find out how contributors havedeveloped comparable methods to worship.


  • How the idea in a single God originated
  • The roots of Abraham's relatives tree
  • The sacred texts of every faith
  • Major similarities and differences
  • How those religions inspired the world

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How This Book Is Organized The book is divided into six parts. Part I: History Is a Happening Thing This section introduces the origin of religion and explains the rise of a belief in one God. That’s when the curtain opens on Abraham, a nomadic tribesman who is credited with fathering the three faiths. Little is known about him, but historians have uncovered lots of information about his time and beliefs. The section also explains how all three religions link their history back to Abraham. Part II: The Development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam This part explains how three different religions were nurtured on Abraham’s vision.

Chapter 18: War and Peace: Why Can’t We All Get Along? A Shared Heritage Differences, Disagreements, and Conflicts War and Not So Much Peace The Jews Struggle Finding Solutions in Secularism Part V : The Part of Tens Chapter 19: Ten Misconceptions about Jews, Christians, and Muslims Judaism Struggles against Anti-Semitism Christianity Focuses on Fundamentals Islam Emerges to Slow Understanding Chapter 20: Ten Films Drawn from Biblical Accounts The Ten Commandments King of Kings The Greatest Story Ever Told Jesus Christ Superstar The Passion of the Christ The Prince of Egypt The Last Temptation of Christ Solomon and Sheba David and Bathsheba Samson and Delilah Chapter 21: Ten-Plus Ways Religion Influences the World Read All About It: Literature Music as an Expression of Faith Politics and Religion: Not Always Easy to Separate Bringing the Bible to Life through Art Recording Biblical Stories on Film Spreading the Word through Television Seeking Insight into God through Science Education: Wearing a Skullcap and a Thinking Cap Being Holy Improves Your Health and Well-Being Social Welfare: Doing unto Others Disagreeing about Environmental Issues Part VI : Appendixes Appendix A: Timelines for Religions Judaism Christianity Islam Appendix B: Genealogies Judaism and Christianity Islam Introduction High school students in Ohio — and maybe elsewhere as well — used to take a course that introduced them to many of the world’s religions.

That message was spread by a man we know as Paul. Like Abraham, though, we don’t know what he looked like, but he left behind letters written to small congregations he founded around the Roman Empire. Paul’s letters, known by their Greek name, epistles, were combined with four biographies (called Gospels) of Jesus to create another Bible, called the New Testament. Eventually, Christians combined the Jewish Bible, what they called the Old Testament, with their book to create a single sacred text.

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