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After the Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera came across Christ via religion by myself (instead of religion in his church) he was once a hunted guy. No guy can go away the Jesuit order alive! this can be half of his own tale. He finds how the Jesuits infiltrate Protestant companies, and warns of "false brethren" in our midst. you are going to research why he was once put on a dying record, learn the exceptional oath he needed to take as a Jesuit, and notice why the Ecumenical circulate will bring about a last "Inquisition."

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54 ‫—שלח … ב‬爏‫ܥ‬/‫ܒ‬/‫ܪ … ܠ‬煟r (Amos 1:4, 7, 10, 12, 2:2, and 5): In h Dod the verb ‫ שלח‬occurs thirteen times with the preposition ‫ב‬. In twelve instances p uses the verb ‫ܪ‬煟r to translate the Hebrew. The exception is Hos 8:14 where p uses the verb 犟‫ܒ‬r. With the verb ‫ܪ‬煟r p renders the preposition as ‫ ܒ‬in Amos 1:7, 10, 2:5, 4:10, 8:11, Obad 13, Zech 7:12, 爏‫ ܥ‬in Joel 2:25, Amos 2:2, Mal 2:2, and ‫ ܠ‬in Amos 1:4, 12. The pattern has no resemblance to g’s or t’s translations. It must be concluded that p is inconsistent with the translation of the Hebrew preposition ‫ ב‬in relationship to this verb.

In Neh 3:3, 6, 13, 14, and 15 it is rendered as plural. The occurrences in 2 Chr 8:5 (singular) and 2Chr 14:6 (plural) refer to the same item in the fortification of cities. 65 Other examples of p’s rendering of h’s collective are found in ‫—אמרי‬焏q‫ܪ‬熏‫ܐܡ‬ ̈ ̈ or 焏q‫ܖ‬熏‫( ܐܡ‬Amos 2:9, 10), ‫ܖܘܗܝ—פריו‬焏‫( ܦ‬Amos 2:9), ‫—זאת‬爯q‫( ܗܠ‬Amos 2:11), and ‫—עמיר‬焏‫̈ܒܠ‬r (Amos 2:13). In the majority of cases in Amos 1–2 p translates h’s collective singular forms as plural. The exception is ‫—אמרי‬焏q‫ܪ‬熏‫ ܐܡ‬in Amos 2:9, where context demands the singular form.

In all references except one p follows h with respect to number, translating singular and plural as h does. The exception is here in Amos 1:9 where h has a plural form and p uses a collective term ‫ܬܐ‬熏q‫( ܐ‬brotherhood). For the sake of clarity, in the context of ‘covenant’, p uses an interpretative translation. Amos 1:10 Text Criticism mt: ‫ושלחתי אש בחומת צר‬ ̈ p: ‫ ܕܨܘܪ‬煿̇q‫ܖ‬熏r‫ܪܐ ܒ‬熏‫ܪ ܢ‬煟r‫ܐ‬ g: καὶ ἐξαποστελῶ πῦρ ἐπὶ τὰ τείχη Τύρου 99 100 The word rq‫ ܕ‬is used in nine references: Hos 2:19, 8:13, 9:9, Amos 6:10, Jonah 2:8, Mic 6:5, Hab 3:2, Zech 13:2, and Mal 3:22.

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