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By Laurie Fabiano

In Elizabeth highway, Laurie Fabiano tells a striking, and formerly unheard, tale of the Italian immigrant event at first of the 20 th century. Culled from her family background, Fabiano paints an entrancing portrait of Giovanna Costa, who, reeling from own tragedies, attempts to make a brand new existence in a brand new global. Shot via with the smells and points of interest of Scilla, Italy, and New York’s burgeoning Little Italy, this intoxicating tale follows Giovanna as she unearths companionship, celebrates the delivery of a child woman, takes satisfaction in a becoming company, and feels a feeling of belonging on a kin day out to Coney Island. besides the fact that, those modest successes are rewarded with the eye of the infamous Black Hand, a gang of brutal extortionists led by way of Lupo the Wolf. because the stakes develop larger and better, readers percentage with Giovanna her determined fight to stay outdoors the fray, after which to struggle for—and eventually to save—that that is vital peculiarly different: relatives.

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Angelina Siena Arena was my grandmother. Most of the names of primary characters that are deceased remain the same; the names of characters based on people who are living have been changed. Some primary characters are composites, and some details and minor characters have been fictionalized. GLOSSARY OF ITALIAN TERMS acqua — water aiutami — help me ammoratas — girlfriends (Italian-American slang) andiamo — we go, let’s go arrivederci — good-bye aspetta — wait avanti — come in bambino — baby basanogol — basil (Italian-American slang) basta — enough bella — beautiful bene — well biscotti — cookies blu marinos — Navy (Italian-American slang) boccalone — big mouth, gullible one bocce — Italian ball game bravo — good, congratulations brigantaggio — thieving briscola — card game brutto — ugly buon giorno — good day cafone — crude person Calabresi — people from Calabria Calabria — southern region of Italy cannolo — an Italian pastry capisci?

A peace descended in the room as the baby suckled for the first time. Giovanna’s thoughts turned to Nunzio. With his return imminent, she could not attend a birth without thinking of their children. Her faith in the future was strengthened as she imagined cradling Nunzio’s child. They would finally be inextricably bound and live forever in their generations. Through scores of births, Giovanna would imagine birthing her own children, so when nearly a year had passed since marrying Nunzio and she had not become pregnant, Giovanna’s disappointment became all-consuming.

Nunzio ignored the child and knelt on the dock. He reached his cupped hand into the water and poured it on the back of his neck, letting it spill into his shirt. The Italian waters made their way down his back and started to evaporate. When he stood, Domenico reached up to fix Nunzio’s collar and took him by the shoulders, turning his son-in-law’s face toward his own. “Our blood is your blood. ” At the gangplank, Domenico told him, “Go, go, I expect you to be a big man in America. ” Giovanna reached in her bag and handed Nunzio the ball of yarn from the tablecloth.

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