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Topology occupies a significant place within the arithmetic of at the present time. the most beneficial principles to be brought some time past sixty years is the concept that of fibre package, which gives a suitable framework for learning differential geometry and lots more and plenty else. Fibre bundles are examples of the type of constructions studied in fibrewise topology. simply as homotopy concept arises from topology, so fibrewise homotopy the­ ory arises from fibrewise topology. during this monograph we offer an outline of fibrewise homotopy concept because it stands at this time. it truly is was hoping that this can stimulate extra learn. The literature at the topic is already relatively large yet sincerely there's a good deal extra to be performed. Efforts were made to enhance normal theories of which usual homotopy conception, equivariant homotopy concept, fibrewise homotopy concept and so on should be distinctive situations. for instance, Baues [7] and, extra lately, Dwyer and Spalinski [53], have offered such common theories, derived from an past idea of Quillen, yet none of those appear to offer relatively the precise framework for our reasons. we've got most well liked, during this monograph, to increase fibre clever homotopy concept roughly ab initio, assuming just a easy wisdom of standard homotopy conception, at the least within the early sections, yet our goal has been to maintain the exposition kind of self-contained.

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8 Fibrewise mapping-spaces 45 Here the ith component of the fibrewise map is ai : mapB(IlXj , Y) ~ mapB(Xi , Y), where ai : Xi ~ II Xj is the standard insertion. 6 is straightforward. Our aim is to show that, subject to certain restrictions, the fibrewise mapping-space stands in an adjoint relationship to the fibrewise product. 7 Let X, Y and Z be fibrewise spaces over B. If the fibrewise function h : X x B Y ~ Z is continuous then so is the fibrewise function k: X ~ mapB(Y' Z), where k(x)(y) = hex, y) (x E X b , Y E Yb, bE B).

For example take X = B; then every fibrewise space over B is a fibrewise fibre space. Consider the fibrewise free path-space which comes equipped with a family of projections (0 ::; t ::; 1), given by evaluation at t. It is a formal exercise in the use of adjoints to show that Pt is a fibrewise fibration for t = 0, 1. Let us regard PB(X) as a fibrewise space over X using Po as projection. Then for any fibrewise space E and fibrewise map p : E -t X the fibrewise mapping path-space WB(P) is defined as the pull-back p*PB(X).

Fibrewise Str¢m structures We now come to an important characterization of closed fibrewise cofibred pairs. It is a fibrewise version of the corresponding characterization in the ordinary theory. There are several variants of the condition, of which we prefer the one due to Stn~m, as follows. Let (X, A) be a closed fibrewise pair. A fibrewise Str¢m structure on (X, A) is a pair (a, h) consisting of a map a : X -t I which is zero throughout A together with a fibrewise homotopy h : X X I -t X reI A of Ix such that h(x, t) E A whenever t > a(x).

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