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By Charles Crutchfield

This complement attracts adventurers into the mysterious Suza Sumar, a rainforest thriving in desolate tract sands. The Honnin, a hidden humans concerning the Woses of the Ered Nimrais, live among the boles of the nice bushes, harvesting the forest's bounties and zealously guarding their secrecy. regardless of their warning, the darkish Lord's schemes quickly may well boil out of the woodland of Tears to overrun all of a long way Harad.

Explore the sunspeckled twilight underneath the boughs of the wooded area of Tears. Amidst the songs of brilliantly feathered birds, a small humans struggles with its insane gods, scuffling with to maintain the traditions of its age-old society intact. keen about secrecy, the Honnin are through a cannibalistic spirit who preys on its worshippers and a Tavari seduced via Sauron's gives you of strength. those hazards threaten viewers to the mysterious woodland of Tears.


- FULL-COLOR MAPS: together with a local map and a map of the within sight urban of Bozisha-Dar.
- 3 interesting ADVENTURES: confront an order of the Honnin priests motive on guarding the secrecy of "The Hidden Shrine"; avenge the demise of a Haradan formative years in "The Tower of Birds"; and strive against an area goddess pledged to Sauron's carrier in "The urban of Pred".
- designated LAYOUTS: of all event sites.
- data: for Honnin clergymen and clergymen, beasts of the Suza Sumar, and one of many strong Tavari.

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Outer Planetary Infrastructure: Outer Location, 1 Strength, 20 Achievement Points. • Inner Planetary Infrastructure: Inner Location, 1 Strength, 20 Achievement Points. • Shard’s Forge: Outer Location, 10 Strength, 120 Achievement Points. Any units defending this location decrease any Strength loss by 2 after each battle. • Shrine to Saint Drusus: Inner Location, 4 Strength, 60 Achievement Points. • Offensive Operations: Special Enforcer Magistratum Fortress Situated within the city walls, the Fortress of the local Magistratum (Damaris’ law–enforcement equivalent of the Adeptus Arbites) is vital to the stability of the city in a time of crisis.

Common Lore (War): The Explorers’ personal experiences with combat and warfare allow him to impart a veteran’s 38 insight on the coming conflicts, making sure untested soldiers will fight as veteran warriors. • Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis): The Explorer is a brilliant strategic thinker, considering every contingency, coordinating forces and arranging events with such precision that when the greenskins attack, they simply act out the moves in a performance the Explorer directed long before they arrived.

Each defending unit loses 1d5+1 Strength and 2d10+2 Hull Integrity. Four Ork Roks land on Damaris, plus an additional Rok for every 5 points the defenders lose by. (+10) Common Lore (Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, or War), Evaluate, Logic, or Forbidden Lore (Xenos) Test, an Easy (+30) Scholastic Lore (Tacitca Imperialis) Test, or a Challenging (+0) Command Test when planning troop deployments. Success determines roughly the Strength of the forces that will attack any given position, and the Strength of the forces they intend to use to defend it.

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