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By Peter Dell'Orto

Inscrutable masters from hidden temples. specific Forces squaddies. Swashbuckling pirates. Bare-chested brawlers.
GURPS Martial Arts brings struggling with types from all through historical past to Fourth version. From renowned Asian bare-handed concepts to eu strive against arts to outstanding non-human education, this e-book balances life like historic colleges with cinematic feats from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hollywood. Recreate the best warring parties on the planet, or create a mode to slot a brand new crusade, Martial Arts has the suggestions and guidance you wish.
no longer all wrestle ideas map to concepts and kinds, although. Many require extensions to the strive against method itself, so Martial Arts expands at the strive against and harm principles from GURPS uncomplicated Set. a few of these additions are hugely reasonable, whereas others are tremendous cinematic - yet they're all non-compulsory, permitting the GM to choose which ideas observe. Customizing the GURPS wrestle procedure hasn't ever been more uncomplicated.
This publication replaces and expands at the info and ideas from the former version of GURPS Martial Arts for 3rd variation.

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198-199). The most common sportive styles today are Judo (p. 166), Karate (pp. 169-172), Kendo (p. 172), Professional Wrestling (p. 206), Sport Fencing (p. 160), and Tae Kwon Do (p. 200). Among those who compete in mixed martial arts and no-holds-barred events, Bando (pp. 151-152), Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (pp. 167168), Muay Thai (pp. 185-186), Sambo (p. 185), and Submission Wrestling (p. 205) are popular. ” Crimefighter 100 points You use martial-arts skills to uphold justice or keep the peace. , feudal Japan), a modern cop who prefers to subdue crooks without the lethal finality of a bullet, or a vigilante who goes unarmed because weapons aren’t available or would attract unwelcome attention.

Attributes: ST 11 [10]; DX 11 [20]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 11 [10]. 50 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]. Advantages: 15 points chosen from among ST or HT +1 [10], Will +1 to +3 [5/level], Autotrance [1], Claim to Hospitality (Monasteries of the same order) [1], Clerical Investment [5], Enhanced Dodge 1 [15], Enhanced Parry 1 [5 or 10], Fearlessness 1-5 [2/level] or Unfazeable [15], Fit [5], High Pain Threshold [10], Less Sleep 1-4 [2/level], Longevity [2], Perfect Balance [15], Resistant to Disease (+3) [3], Resistant to Poison (+3) [5], Single-Minded [5], or Style Perks [1/perk].

You might spend all of your spare time at the gym – or, if you’re a traditional student, live with your master and work as his servant. Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 12 [20]. CHARACTERS Kai Lian (250 points) Kai Lian is a secret agent of the Shining Temple of the Autumn Wind, the location of which is known to no one – travelers to and from the monastery must go blindfolded, in the company of a blind master. She is trained in the way of Shaolin, as well as in two of the Temple’s secret styles.

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