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''This ebook offers an updated survey of recent commercial inorganic chemistry in a transparent and concise demeanour. creation techniques are defined in shut element, facets similar to the disposition of uncooked fabrics and effort intake, the commercial value of the product and technical functions in addition to ecological difficulties being discussed.''--BOOK JACKET.

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The RO-process is particularly suitable for small plants. Therefore almost 70% of all plants operate according this principle, but they account for only 35% of the desalination capacity. In osmosis, water permeates wiiter from brackish product,Onof water or seawater by reverse osmosis: permeation of water with a low salt content through a semipermeable ,nembrane by applying pressure to the hide containing Taitwatir 12 I Primary Inorganic Muteriuls Membranes lnostly made of acetylcellulose or more preferably polyamide.

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