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Paperback. Pub Date :2012-08-02 Pages: 208 Language: English writer: Faber and Faber in the future there's existence ... after which. abruptly. it occurs there's death.So starts Paul Austers relocating and private meditation on fatherhood . the 1st part. Portrait of an Invisible guy. finds Austers thoughts and emotions after the demise of his father. within the ebook of reminiscence the viewpoint shifts to Austers function as a father. The narrator. A. contemplates his separation from his son. his death grandfather and the solitary nature of writing and story-telling.

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Eventually, the lie came automatically and was indulged in for its own sake. The principle was to say as little as possible. If people never learned the truth about him, then they couldn’t turn around and use it against him later. The lie was a way of buying protection. What people saw when he appeared before them, then, was not really him, but a person he had invented, an artificial creature he could manipulate in order to manipulate others. He himself remained invisible, a puppeteer working the strings of his alter-ego from a dark, solitary place behind the curtain.

The house became shabby, depressing to walk into. You felt as if you were entering the house of a blind man. His friends and family, sensing the madness of the way he lived in that house, kept urging him to sell it and move somewhere else. ’’ In the end, however, he did decide to move. At the very end. In the last phone conversation we ever had, ten days before he died, he told me the house had been sold and that the closing was set for February first, about three weeks away. He wanted to know if there was anything in the house I could use, and I agreed to come down for a visit with my wife and Daniel on the first free day that opened up.

Or how, when I was twelve or thirteen, and wanted desperately to go somewhere with a couple of my friends, I called him at work to get his permission, and he said to me, at a loss, not knowing how to put it, “You’re just a bunch of greenhorns,” and how, for years afterward, my friends and I (one of them now dead, of a heroin overdose) would repeat those words as a piece of folklore, a nostalgic joke. The size of his hands. Their callusses. Eating the skin off the top of hot chocolate. Tea with lemon.

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