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By Simone de Beauvoir

"Comment los angeles femme fait-elle l'apprentissage de sa , remark l'éprouve-t-elle, dans quel univers se trouve-t-elle enfermée, quelles évasions lui sont permises, voilà ce que je chercherai à décrire. Alors seulement nous pourrons comprendre quels problèmes se posent aux femmes qui, héritant d'un lourd passé, s'efforcent de forger un avenir nouveau. Quand j'emploie les mots "femme" ou "féminin" je ne me réfère évidemment à aucun archétype, à aucune immuable essence ; après l. a. plupart de mes affirmations il faut sous-entendre "dans l'état actuel de l'éducation et des mœurs". Il ne s'agit pas ici d'énoncer des vérités éternelles mais de décrire le fond commun sur lequel s'élève toute life féminine singulière."
Simone de Beauvoir.

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Britain with its industrial revolution was the one that could launch full-fledged capitalist imperialism. The Spanish example, as you know better than I, had a different fate and created the peculiar phenomenon of Latin America. The Chicano emerges into internal colonization from the "other" text, with differences. Shall I quote Barrera's excellent little definition here? '"6 But in the internal colonization scene, let me again offer you an analogy, because there is little I can tell you about the Chicano predicament that you don't already know.

Both of these kinds of remarks would have produced lively and profitable discussion about explanation and cultural persuasion if, in fact, they had been put to me in public. But in this case, one kind of situational explanation was culturally prohibited, except as the exceptional, but more "real," matter of marginal communication. About the worst of these asides even I feel obliged to remain silent. Now, when a Jacques Derrida deconstructs the opposition between private and public, margin and center, he touches the texture of language and tells how the old words would not resemble themselves any more if a trick of rereading were learned.

The general and specific levels are not clearly distinguishable, since the guarantee of sovereignty in the subject toward the object is the condition of the possibility of politics. Speaking for the specific politics of sexuality, I hoped to draw our attention to the productive and political margins of our discourse in general. I hoped to reiterate that, although the prohibition of marginality that is crucial in the production of any explanation is politics as such, what inhabits the prohibited margin of a particular explanation specifies its particular politics.

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