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A lot of this publication was once written in the course of a sabbatical stopover at by way of J. C. H. S. to the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart in the course of 1991. we're accordingly thankful to Professors M. Ruhle and A. Seeger for performing as hosts in this time, and to the Alexander von Humbolt origin for the Senior Scientist Award which made this stopover at attainable.

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Chap. 2 is focused on LMW lyotropic metallomesogens, whereas Chaps. 3 and 4 are devoted to thermotropic metallomesogens which show calamitic and discotic mesophases respectively. This second subdivision of thermotropic metallomesogens has been made due to the wide variety of compounds to be discussed, and also due to the generally different molecular geometries of compounds showing calamitic and discotic mesophases. As explained above, a large number of important exceptions from this general behavior have been found in the field of metallomesogens.

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