Download Lipidomics and Bioactive Lipids. Lipids and Cell Signaling by Pierre Meystre, Murray Sargent PDF

By Pierre Meystre, Murray Sargent

Content material: Phospholipase A[subscript]1 assays utilizing a radiolabeled substrate and mass spectrometry / R. Morikawa ... [et al.] -- Real-time mobilephone assays of phospholipase A[subscript]2s utilizing fluorogenic phospholipids / D. Manna and W. Cho -- research and pharmacological concentrating on of phospholipase C [beta] interactions with G proteins / D.M. Lehmann ... [et al.] -- Biochemical research of phospholipase D / H.A. Brown ... [et al.] -- size of autotoxin / lysophospholipase d task / A.J. Morris and S.S. Smyth -- Platelet-activating issue / J.S. Owen ... [et al.] -- Quantitative dimension of phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate / H. Guillou ... [et al.] -- Measuring phosphorylated Akt and different phosphoinositide 3-kinase-regulated phosphoproteins in basic lymphocytes / A.C. Donahue ... [et al.] -- law of phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase job by means of accomplice proteins / Y. Kanaho ... [et al.] -- Biochemical research of inositol phosphate kinases / J.C. Otto ... [et al.] -- research of phosphoinositides and their aqueous metabolites / C.P. Berrie ... [et al.] -- mixture of C[subscript]17 sphingoid base homologues and mass spectrometry research as a brand new method of learn sphingolipid metabolism / S. Spassieva ... [et al.] -- dimension of mammalian sphingosine-1-phosphate phosphohydrolase job in vitro and in vivo / M. Maceyka ... [et al.] -- A swift and delicate way to degree secretion of sphingosine-1-phosphate / P. Mitra ... [et al.] -- Ceramide kinase and ceramide-1-phosphate / D.S. Wijesinghe ... [et al.] -- dimension of mammalian diacylglycerol kinase job in vitro and in cells / R.M. Epand and M.K. Topham -- Lipid phosphate phosphatases from Saccharomyces cerevisiae / G.M. Carman and W.I. Wu

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Download Neal Cassady: The Fast Life of a Beat Hero by David Sandison PDF

By David Sandison

This interesting and in-depth biography of Neal Cassady takes a glance on the guy who completed immortality as Dean Moriarty, the important personality in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. A charismatic, humorous, articulate, and formidably clever guy, Cassady used to be additionally a compulsive womanizer who lived existence at the side. His naturalistic, conversational writing type encouraged Kerouac, who lifted a few passages verbatim and uncredited from Cassady’s letters for major episodes in On the Road. Drawing on a wealth of latest learn and with complete cooperation from important figures in his life—including Carolyn Cassady and Ken Kesey—this account captures Cassady’s specific mixture of encouraged lunacy and deep spirituality.

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Download NMDA Receptor Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol by Min Li (Editor) PDF

By Min Li (Editor)

Min Li and a panel of hands-on experimentalists aspect state of the art molecular ideas for learning NMDA ligand-gated ion channels and constructing assays for nontherapeutic lead choice. the subjects variety from cDNA cloning to in vitro and in vivo research of the channel complicated within the mammalian mind. extra themes contain the biochemical research of the channel protein and the development of varied heterologous platforms for either uncomplicated examine and excessive throughput monitors (HTS) for pharmaceutical chemical substances. even if the point of interest is on NMDA receptors, the tools are acceptable to different ligand-gated ion channels and with a few amendment could be prolonged to comparable membrane signaling receptors. NMDA Receptor Protocols deals trendy scientists robust equipment for uncomplicated examine on NMDA receptor constitution and serve as, in addition to huge, immense possibilities for medical research towards the improvement of novel bioactive compounds.

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Download Fundamentalism in American Religion and Law: Obamas by David A. J. Richards PDF

By David A. J. Richards

Why, from Reagan to George Bush, have fundamentalists in faith and in legislations (originalists) exercised such political strength and effect within the usa? Why has the Republican occasion solid an ideology of judicial appointments (originalism) adverse to abortion and homosexual rights? Why and the way did Barack Obama distinguish himself between Democratic applicants not just via his competition to the Iraq conflict yet via his competition to originalism? This e-book argues that fundamentalism in either faith and legislations threatens democratic values and attracts its attraction from a patriarchal psychology nonetheless alive in our own and political lives and at chance from the constitutional advancements because the Sixties. The argument analyzes this psychology (based on aggravating loss in intimate lifestyles) and resistance to it (based at the love of equals). Obamas resistance to originalism arises from his developmental background as a democratic, in preference to patriarchal, guy who resists the patriarchal calls for on women and men that originalism enforces - specifically, the patriarchal love legislation that inform those who and the way and what sort of they could love.

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Download Beetles of Thailand by Pisuth Ek-Amnuay PDF

By Pisuth Ek-Amnuay

The beetles, participants of the Order Coleoptera are the most important order of bugs, with approximately forty % of identified species of overall insect global or approximately 400,000 species. My first version of this ebook used to be released in 2002 and used to be additionally the 1st e-book of beetles to be had in Thailand. it is a revised variation, emphasizing the species content material and hazard of extra species for all these beetle households, this version includes 509 species in comparison to the 1st variation which incorporated purely 362 species and subspecies.

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Download Religion in Public: Locke’s Political Theology by Elizabeth A. Pritchard PDF

By Elizabeth A. Pritchard

John Locke's conception of toleration is mostly noticeable as advocating the privatization of faith. This interpretation has turn into traditional knowledge: secularization is extensively understood as entailing the privatization of faith, and the separation of faith from energy. This booklet turns that traditional knowledge on its head and argues that Locke secularizes faith, that's, makes it worldly, public, and political. within the identify of numerous citizenship, Locke reconstructs faith as persuasion, speech, and model. He insists on a consensus that human rights are sacred insofar as people are the creatures, and therefore, the valuables of God. Drawing on quite a number assets past Locke's personal writings, Pritchard portrays the secular no longer as religion's separation from energy, yet particularly as its association with subtler, and occasionally insidious, types of strength. for that reason, she captures the diversity of anxieties and conflicts attending religion's secularization: denunciations of promiscuous our bodies free of patriarchal spiritual and political formations, correlations among secular faith and colonialist schooling and conversion efforts, and extra lately, condemnations of the coercive and injurious strength of unrestricted spiritual speech.

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